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    1. Attaches to the Podium, Podium XC and Podium S models
    2. Lenses are blank so your optician can fill your prescription
    3. Easily clips in and can be easily removed when not needed
    4. Clip on adapter integrates into the nose piece of the sunglasses
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    The Tifosi RX03 Optical Adapter has been designed and manufactured so that it perfectly fits any of your Tifosi Podium sunglasses models by integrating into the nose piece allowing the adapter to sit inbetween your eyes and the lens of the sunglasses. This adapter by Tifosi easily clips onto your sunglasses and when no longer needed can be quickly and easily removed. The adapter is sold with lens blanks so that you can nip down to your local optician so that they can fulfil your prescription and sort you out with some lenses to slot into place. The Tifosi RX03 Optical Adapter

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